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"SOLARIVA" welcomes you to a world of new technologies.

We offer guidance on indoors and outdoors lighting, based on free ENERGY from the SUN, just as nature intends. Our vision is to approach as much as possible the natural light, simultaneously enhancing the technology, health care and reducing CO2.

 * Solar Street lights of elegant design, maintenance free, CO2 free. 

 * Activ Skylight - New Energy Saving projects for indoors lighting.

Active Skylights use Sun tracking technology and mirrors to track the Sun throughout the day, and drive natural light into buildings.Turning off the artificial lights for up to 10 hours a day, on commercial buildings, schools, factories, public facilities and retail stores.
*SOLARIVA*-European Solar Engineering,Denmark.Adresse: Korskildelund 6, 2670 Greve.tlf.: +45 42243996. Fax :+45 36915001; email: info@solariva.com, www.solariva.com. Reg.CVR-nr.32 63 86 94,
 European Solar Engineering "Solariva" is a member of International Solidea group.