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SOLARIVA - European Solar Engineering, Denmark
   The SunTracker’s dynamic mirror tracks the sun to capture the full-spectrum of daylight throughout the day. Featuring a fully solar powered tracking device using GPS Technology, the tracking controller insures the mirror is always directed toward the sun to harvest the maximum sunlight and provide the greatest daylight experience in the market. This includes morning and evening low sun angles, as low as 10° above the horizon.
Every time our Sun tracking Smart Skylights are installed on a building it represents a significant move toward a Greener Planet!

Sun Tracker tracks the Sun from one hour after sun rise to one hour before Sunset, and allows the end-user to turn off the artificial lights during day time.

The savings on one Sun Tracker, reduces 280.410,80 kg. CO2, 2813,29 kg.nitrogen and 488065 kg of sulphur dioxide.

Nitrogen oxides pollute the air and creates smog.Nitrogen oxides harm the earth`s ozone layer.

The combination of lumen perfomance,low operating costs,long life and much lower heat generation, make this system- energy and maintenance efficient.

The system is guaranteed for 10 years.

Compared with electric light, it produces light equivalent to 800 -1000 watt fluorescent lamps
Scientific evidence shows that people feel, work and learn better with day light than with electric lighting.

Imagine the change, if every building used Smart skylights and all the energy that would be saved by turning off the artificial lights for up to 10 hours a day, on commercial buildings, schools, factories, public facilities and retail stores.

Besides energy saving of hundreds and thousands daily lamps to supermarkets, hospitals, schools,commercial and industrial buildings, an investigation in the relationship between day lighting and Human Performance shows :
Advantages of using the SunTracker:

Retail Sales : 

 Go up 10% – 40%, depending on the products sold and the inefficiency of the current artificial lighting system.

Worker Performance : 

measured in productivity, absenteeism, error rates and accident rates. All improve dramatically under Day lightning.

Student Performance :

improves from 7% to 26% when compared to classrooms without day lighting.

Office Performance :

overall morale, team performance and the ability to cope with stress show measurable improvements.

Patient Recovery :

has been proven to speed up dramatically when patients are exposed to diffused daylight over artificial lighting.


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